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Two new...

...and the postponed end-of-year sale from 2010. Some 99¢ auctions, none more than $19 BuyItNow.

If you've been waiting to buy something, now is probably the time. I have started a new job and don't know when I'll be posting much new artwork, if ever. Thanks for looking.

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MANDALAS! I like making mandalas, geometric art, kaleidoscopic images and similar things. Images like this to print out and color are an awesome way to whip up some artwork for your walls that is kind of personalised by you, too, and you can work out the colours exactly as you want them to fit rooms perfectly or give as gifts. I'm planning a patchwork-quilt-style set up of 9 or 12 of them square-framed myself, once I have the time to hand-colour them all and get frames.

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